I’m a thinker, writer, educator, and doer. I think of myself as a storyteller through various media. I’m also a candidate for the post-professional Master of Architecture in Urban Design (MAUD 2020) degree at Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

As an undergraduate and graduate architecture student at Wentworth Institute of Technology (BSA 2017, magna cum laude / M.Arch 2018, with distinction), I received institutional and international recognition for studio design projects and external design competitions, respectively. In parallel with academia, I have collaborated with designers, urbanists, architects, consultants, clients, and community members since May 2014. My experience involves many hours at Sasaki, Gensler, Arrowstreet, and TMS Architects. And most recently, I’ve explored the private real estate development industry in Manhattan and Brooklyn with JDS Development Group.

As a post-professional graduate student and design professional, I remain optimistic about the future and what will likely be a lifelong journey devoted to research and practice. I hope to make meaningful contributions to society via art, design, and innovation. I wish not to belong to any single discipline or become an “expert” at anything. I prefer to know a lot about a lot of things, rather than know almost everything about one thing. I hope to collaborate between various interconnected industries, sectors, and forms of practice. This ambition has led me to pursue collaborative design and research projects at Harvard University, MIT, and influential companies helping shape the world we share.


Bill, 2019.07.01

Research Interests: Affordable and Mixed-Income Housing Development, Urban Sociology, Race/Ethnicity and Class Relations, Environmental Psychology, All Forms of Gun Violence, Addiction, Social Mobility, and Public Policy

Email: tooheyiii@gsd.harvard.edu