Visualizing Activity & Emotion

"Axonography is a class that depicts the world through axonometric drawings. This drawing technique enables an exploration of the multiple layers that compose our daily life by depicting a decomposition of everyday objects and repeated activities. Axonography aims to express individual’s unique ways of seeing and expressing through a transformation of mundane subjects into a creative art work. During this class, students will explore artistic interpretation and representation of everyday life through architectural drawing techniques (by computer) and experiment various methods to exhibit their drawings. Axonography intends to incorporate the result of the class to be part of an exhibition, which is planned at the MIT, Wolk Gallery in fall 2017." - Bumjin Kim

Visit my YouTube Channel or Animation Page to see Rojo Ramirez, a small red cube created in Maya, take on human characteristics in his extremely short films: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust.

Animation frame overlays featured in the Wentworth Architecture Review: WAr V8, 2018