Innovation in 5 Simple Steps

Being a productive human in a capitalistic society can be challenging, but not with these 5 simple steps to help you innovate.

Step 1

Never stop learning. Spend more time on history, current events, political economy, and skills needed to create goods and services for other humans. Every day, billions of people search for value. Provide some.

Step 2

Formulate your own opinions about the world. Make claims about what you believe in and why, but make sure to present evidence so your audience believes you.

Step 3

Find and utilize resources. If access to resources is denied, please spend more time on Step 1.

Step 4

Generate new ideas. Either adapted from old ones or completely new, apply new ideas to the goods/services you offer.

Step 5

Document your process and share it with others. People can learn from your process and push your ideas further. This is a recipe for innovation.

Whatever you choose to do with your life, just never stop learning. Keep reformulating your opinions as you improve your understanding of reality. And finally, be hopeful for a future that is positive, fair, and better than yesterday. Society could really use your help making this future a reality.