Yale Divinity School

Studio IX: 5th-Year Graduate, Fall 2017

Project Type: Community-Oriented Campus Extension 

Location: New Haven, Connecticut

Professor: Carol Burns, FAIA, LEED AP


Embedded & Interconnected

This contemporary and connected extension of the Yale Divinity School strives to foster a sense of community, embedded in the existing landscape. The design process for this proposal views the existing landscape and its steep topography as an exciting opportunity for the Divinity School's future campus. The configuration of massing, informed by an array of interior and exterior program, allows for layers of activities and circulation to weave themselves into the Hill. Delicate physical connections are made to connect “old” to “new,” and by positioning the architecture in a 90-degree, asymmetrical orientation to the east of the site, views to the context are framed in a new light; a contemporary stage is set to support the ever-growing needs and desires of a progressive YDS community.